Veterinarian in West Chester

Best Friend Vet Team

At Best Friend Vet, we specialize in high-quality patient care from a compassionate, knowledgeable, and welcoming health care team.

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Our Veterinarian

Dr. Amy Parkman, VMD

A Massachusetts native, Dr. Amy Parkman and her husband, Erick, have lived in Chester County for over 20 years, raising their kids. Dr. Parkman received her veterinary degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine and has been practicing for the past 20 years.

During this time. Dr. Parkman has had the privilege to work alongside some pretty amazing animals and humans in day clinic, emergency, and critical care settings. She hopes to combine this experience in a West Chester based hospital that provides patients, employees, and the community with a place of health and wellness.

“We believe in using Fear-Free techniques for our patients,” says Dr. Parkman, “and supporting the well-being of our hard–working employees. Community health affects us all, and we would like Best Friend Vet to be a part of this.”

Professional special interests include internal medicine, behavior, senior health, and nutrition. When she’s not working with pets, Dr. Parkman enjoys yoga, cooking, hiking, biking, and spending time with family and friends.

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Office Manager


If she were to answer the question, what dog breed would you be, Ashley would definitely be a Golden Retriever!

Always smiling, Ashley is knowledgeable and devoted to helping pets and their families lead their best lives. A Chester County native, Ashley is involved with the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) and has been a member of the veterinary profession as a client service representative for over 20 years. Like most Goldens, Ashley loves being outdoors, hiking, running, and walking beside her furry children, Molly and Belle. Ashley has participated in the Broad Street Run and the Love Run and especially likes to run in the Spartan Races.

And, as Golden Retrievers do, Ashley enjoys spending time with her human family, too. Ashley and her husband reside in Chester County with their amazing son and daughter.

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Lead Certified Veterinary Technician


As our resident Cat Whisperer, Janine is involved in all aspects of animal health and care at Best Friend Vet and has been a valued member of the Veterinary Medicine industry for 38+ years. Her experience and knowledge have been an asset to staff and patients alike.

As Lead LVT, Janine brings her compassion and experience to every patient she sees and is a cornerstone for providing exemplary care during surgery and appointments. She is always looking out for the welfare of our patients—especially the nervous ones!  As a Fear-Free Certified Technician, Janine works hard to create a positive experience for both pets and clients.

When Janine is not making every patient’s health her priority, she enjoys spending time with family, friends, and cats (did we mention Janine LOVES cats?), traveling, riding horses, and enjoying culinary delights.

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Customer Service Representative + Veterinary Assistant

Amy Love

As both Veterinary Assistant and CSR, Amy’s superpower is her ability to help our human furry friends navigate all aspects of the hospital. She’s truly a Jane-of-all-trades!

Before Amy began her journey in the veterinary field, she worked in human medicine as a Medical Assistant. As an avid animal lover, Amy decided to switch careers in 2012 and has been a valued member of animal medicine since.

Amy enjoys bike riding, a variety of outdoor activities, and staying active overall. Her 2 dogs and 2 cats help keep her moving towards her next bike ride or football game.