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At Best Friend Vet, we use digital radiology as an important step in our diagnosis of your pet.

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Veterinary Radiology at Best Friend Vet

One of the most common and useful tools for veterinary diagnostics is radiographs, also known as “xrays. For our vets to give the correct treatment to an animal, they need an accurate diagnosis. Digital radiographs (xrays) penetrate tissues, which are displayed on a digital computer screen. Xrays can be used to show fractured bones, heart problems, objects that have been swallowed, pregnancy checks, and many other things.

Digital radiographs (X-rays) offer some critical advantages:

  • No harsh chemicals are required to develop the images. This reduces any possible harm to the environment and those in it.
  • The images can be viewed on a computer immediately after being taken.
  • The images are clear and detailed. A quicker and more accurate diagnosis can be made as the image is manipulated, so our vets can get a better view of your pet’s internal organs and bones.
  • Digital images can be sent by email if a second opinion is needed.
  • Your pet will be on the x-ray table for a short amount of time, since the image takes a lot less time to process.